When law firms concentrating in divorce and family law matters apply for professional liability insurance coverage, they are required, as part of that application, to make detailed disclosures regarding their specific areas of practice as well as the average values of the marital estates in the cases they handle. In reviewing the existing client information necessary to accurately complete these required disclosures, the Law Offices of Jonathan N. Sherwell has taken a step further by compiling the composite profile of a typical client in each of our primary practice areas. We think providing this information is helpful to prospective clients in the process of choosing a divorce/family law attorney. We also respectfully submit that most law offices would not be willing to make the following disclosures. We hope you find the following helpful:

  1. Profile of our typical client in dissolution of marriage proceedings:
    • College educated; usually bachelor degree or higher;
    • Resides in Chicago, North or Northwest suburbs;
    • Total household income is at least $125,000.00 per year;
    • Value of marital estate, including equity position in residence, exceeds $750,000.00;
    • Length of marriage: usually 7 years or greater.
  2. Profile of our typical client in post-divorce modification, enforcement, or college expense proceedings is comparable to the profile set forth in #1 above.
  3. Our typical client involved in parentage (paternity) proceedings has a higher income and/or is a higher net worth individual.
  4. We have no available profile for the typical client involved in independent domestic violence order of protection proceedings.