The Law Offices of Jonathan N. Sherwell is a divorce, domestic relations and family law practice located in Arlington Heights, Illinois. We strive to provide the highest quality representation in divorce and all family law matters including post-divorce modification and enforcement, negotiation of property and support settlement agreements including pre and post-nuptial agreements, allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody and visitation), college expenses, parentage (paternity), orders of protection, and other extraordinary relief including injunctions. Clients are represented in negotiation and at all levels of litigation including motion practice and trial.

Here are some things you should know about our office and should consider when choosing a legal representative:

  • We offer a caring, personal approach with great sensitivity to the emotional trauma that accompanies a divorce, or related proceeding. We respect the individual dignity of each client and always actively promote and encourage the dignified resolution of cases. In this way, we serve the best interests of our clients and their children. Usually it is preferable for a case to be resolved through out-of-court negotiations. However, when an appearance before a Judge is necessary, the time in court is treated with the same respect, dignity, and discretion in furtherance of maintaining an atmosphere that allows for the fair and orderly resolution of the case.

  • We are always courteous, respectful, and professional. However, we are just as aggressive and tenacious as the circumstances require. Pursuit of your entitlements and protection of your rights is always conducted strictly within the boundaries of the law and with respect for the rules of court.
  • Protection of your privacy is paramount. Mr. Sherwell’s reputation has been enhanced by a wide variety of satisfied clients who appreciate having their private lives remain private. Facts and circumstances of your case are never discussed outside of the context of the professional relationship between you and the attorney, or outside of court. The identities of clients and their families are carefully protected.
  • A productive relationship with the client is our highest priority because the best possible results naturally follow. Mr. Sherwell believes that 75% of effective representation comes from educating the client. To most people, divorce and family law proceedings are mysterious and intimidating. Quite often, lawyers offer clients inadequate explanations, or no explanation at all. Mr. Sherwell goes to great lengths to explain all procedural and substantive issues so that the client is enabled to assist in his or her own representation. Mr. Sherwell and the client enjoy a straight-forward, candid, no-nonsense relationship. Not only do clients receive detailed explanations, they are required to know what is going on in their cases and the significance of what is happening. Mr. Sherwell will never leave a client in the dark; conversely, the client is not allowed to stick his/her “head in the sand.”

  • One thing clients usually do not realize when a divorce proceeding commences, is the extent to which the divorce attorney becomes intertwined in a variety of decisions that would otherwise be the client’s own responsibility. A divorce attorney is involved in the client’s personal and financial life in a way not otherwise seen in the law. In this set of circumstances it is tempting for some clients to attempt to abdicate responsibility for their lives to the attorney (i.e.- whatever the issue, “let the lawyer take care of it”). This office does not allow that to happen. It is true that legal procedure and trial strategy are solely the responsibility of the attorney. Nevertheless, our clients must remain completely involved and primarily responsible for most of their personal decisions, especially decisions related to negotiated resolutions of issues in the case.
  • Because of the unique nature of the role of the divorce attorney, a high level of comfort and confidence is essential. You always have direct contact with Mr. Sherwell; you will spend as much time with him face-to-face as is necessary and your telephone calls will always be returned promptly. Unlike larger law firms that routinely pass a client off from the attorney originally hired to an inexperienced associate, Mr. Sherwell is responsible for your file from the day he is retained until the day the matter is concluded.

  • This office is prepared to accommodate and work to resolve the most sophisticated financial issues. We have the benefit of the support of a variety of experts with whom we have long-standing relationships. These experts include appraisers of residential and commercial real estate, appraisers of personal property including art and collections, financial investigators, forensic accountants for purposes of establishing values of closely-held business interests, accountants to assist in various tax issues, actuaries to value retirement plan interests, and a variety of other experts as the circumstances warrant.
  • We also have access to a variety of mental health professionals and experts including therapists, evaluators for child custody cases, and social workers. These experts can assist either in a therapeutic capacity or as consultants and expert opinion witnesses.
  • At the Law Offices of Jonathan N. Sherwell we aspire to serve and further the cause of justice with every matter entrusted to our care.